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Pat Bell

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Author, Entrepreneur, Generational Wealth Mentor, Teacher, Poet, Friend, Spiritual and Family Focused

Pat Bell is an Author, published poet, teacher and serial entrepreneur. Her companies are service based. She is a Generational Wealth Mentor. She creates generational wealth as a real estate investor and stock market maven. Pat enjoys helping others to free up their time, in order to have more time to spend doing the things that they love with their families. She is currently developing an education company which intends to fill in the gap that may exist in a regular classroom setting. Pat is a published poet. One of her long time passions have been reading and writing poetry. It puts her spirit at ease while engaging her mind with delightful prose.

Pat began her career as an English As a Second Language teacher. She has taught English at her local school district and community college. She enjoys teaching both children and adults.  Consequently, her passion for entrepreneurship leads her to combine helping families, students, and business ownership.

Pat enjoys reading self help books, riding her bike and walking in the sunshine listening to birds chirp. She enjoys spending time with her magnificent family. She is a continuous “life” student and feels that helping one’s self to become a better person, is a journey that should never cease. Her goal is to leave the world a better place. Pat is committed to helping children and families to become all they were intended to be, as they remain true to their authentic selves and pay attention to that small divine voice within.

Certifications and Credentials

I am a certified English As a Second Language Teacher, grades K-12

Pat Bell

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