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I truly believe in the power of food, but most importantly that FOOD IS MEDICINE, and that it always was, but also that emotions affect body functions at the root. In fact, food and gut health recent discoveries have shown a direct link between gut and mental health.

Nutrition and Naturopathic Medicine helps to identify the root cause of disease, the provision of essential nutritents to support life and your ability to absorb them. Current research suggests that many of the common health conditions may be prevented and possibly reverse with a healthy diet and lifestyle, and regular sleep patterns. Using my many years of experience, I can support you in re-establishing balance in your body and mind.

As an experienced Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist, I use many modalities to help you reconnect with your body and with food, and help you understand how everything is interconnected, in the same way every system and organ in the body is connected to one another.

I also offer consultations either via video feed or telephone to discuss your needs or answer questions you may have about my services. Anywhere you are in the world, I can help you and be by your side, whatever your journey.


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Awards and Affiliations

Skytrax Award 2004-2007



Causes and Organizations

Sense, Shelter and Hand & Mouth Painters

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Naturopathic Medicine

Post-grad. Iridology

Naturopathic Nutrition

Sport and Nutrition

Mental Health Awareness

Eating Disorders

NLP and Personal Performance Coach in the making

Olivier Sanchez

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