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Nikki Goodhew

Creating a Self-Care Revolution

I enter a new phase of my life full of passion, wisdom and total excitement about what 2018 holds. I am taking a stand to create a self-care revolution. One that puts the person firmly at the centre of all their choices because they are well informed, educated and empowered to do right by and for themselves and the people around them that matter.

I am a Nurse, Freedom Coach and Reiki Practitioner. I have recently joined the very best Essential Oils Company in the world, doTerra as a Wellness Advocate. I am also soon to bring the very best Natural Hair Products to the UK through Monat. Working closely with modern nature and the gifts of the earth is what creates natural freedom. Empowering people to make the best informed choices on what they put in and on their bodies is the basis of this self-care revolution. Who is with me?

Awards and Affiliations

Registered General Nurse

Reiki Practitioner

Wellness Advocate


Causes and Organizations founder member

Helping Hands ( against sex trafficing)

The Final Straw (getting rid of plastic)

Nikki Goodhew

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