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Nadia Kim

"With all my heart"

All her life, Nadia has wanted to help to people. It was the way that she got the most joy in her life. But many times people took advantage of that. As a result, Nadia went through a fair amount of difficulties with her relationships. As a child, she also had creative tendencies with a huge desire to write. It was when she was 12 that she realized that she wanted to be an author when she grew up, only then she did not know she would be destined for so much more. Nadia grew up during the 80's-90's as a child of multi-ethnicities. In addition to the challenges that brought her, she also did not have the typical body type. Because of this difference, she was teased a lot growing up. By the time she was a teen, she had encountered many situations no child should have to face and had such low self-esteem that there were many times she considered committing suicide. Somehow, though, Nadia survived the difficult trials that came with her childhood and teenage years.

In her adult years, she pursued getting her degree a Bachelors in Mass Communications. She spent a brief stint as a journalist and photographer during her college years before she graduated. She ended up working for the federal government. It was then that Nadia spent most of her time creating her family.

Eventually, Nadia was inspired to revisit her dream of being an author and began to write again, this time seeing that she could actually realize her dream. In 2011 Nadia had become a self-published author of her first novel. During this time she delved deeper into different spiritual practices. It was during these studies that she realized that she had lost sense of the person who she was mean to be. And in time as layers were peeled back by the situations she would face, she found herself once again and her truth. Now following her destiny, she was lead by Divine Design to become a Holistic Wellness Practitioner with specialities as a Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Board…

Nadia Kim

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