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Economist, Global Marketing and Communications Strategist, prolific

writer, public speaker, human activist and a father of 3 loving daughters.

Upholds the spirit of peace and harmony above all, waging wars

against those who expound wrong over right and evil over good.

Believer in protecting and uplifting the under-privileged, holds a flag for inclusive

growth, by recognizing and providing economic opportunities, at grass root levels.

Spiritual seeker, avid reader and intense traveller…driven by the passion of

deep learning, sharing and caring, for all.

Maverick, fun seeker, free falling, daring, out-going and ambitious with a

purpose and goal of being able to make a difference to our beautiful world.

Causes and Organizations

Soil of India is a passionate endeavour to revive the dying art, craft, culture and heritage of India that evolved across 5000 years. Having travelled over 150,000 Kms by road into the gut of India, researching, identifying and engaging with artisans at risk, Soil now supports over 150 artisan clusters…

Mukesh Gupta

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