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Michael Bradford

International Intuitive Energy Healer ☆ Business Coach
760-844-2778 (East Coast)

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Michael Bradford is an International Intuitive Energy Healer, Business Coach, Author and Spiritual Teacher, with extensive expertise in the areas of Health, Healing, Personal Excellence, Spiritual Growth, Entrepreneurship and Success. He has a Masters Degree in International Management and advanced training in Intuition, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Reading Energy Patterns and many other specialties. During his travels, he shared healing experiences with Native American Medicine People, Canadian Medicine People, an Eskimo Healer, Peruvian Shamans, the Psychic Surgeons from the Philippines, the Maoris and many hundreds of therapists, healers, psychics, shamans and medical professionals. He also assisted the patients of Chiropractors, Holistic Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists and Therapists. Using his unique cutting-edge multidimensional approach, Michael has helped more than 30,000 clients in over 50 countries to break free of their limitations, balance Karma and become more successful. This helps his clients to gain greater access to their intuition, speed up their healing process, accelerate their spiritual growth, gain clarity, improve relationships, attract greater success and increase finances. Michael offers private sessions and in-depth workshops on Personal Breakthrough, Financial Success and Intuition Training.


Awards and Affiliations

Qualifications: Professional Certificates (UK & NZ)
Results Coach, Master Results Coach & Performance Consultant
Practitioner, Master Practitioner & Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
(25+ years experience)
Neurological Repatterning & Advanced Neurological Repatterning
Ericksonian Hypnosis & Master Hypnosis (35+ years experience)
Platform and Presentation Skills (Professional Speakers Training)
Performance Revolution (Management Skills…

Causes and Organizations

Travelled to over 50 countries - Taught in Egypt, Kuwait, Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Assisted over 30,000 people worldwide in workshops, private sessions & coaching
Sensitive to cross-cultural & religious differences - Lived overseas for 18+ years
Comfortable using translators when speaking to non-English audiences

Former Trustee & Consultant -…

Michael Bradford

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