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Evolving Mirror By Melissa Palmer

Through self Love, we Love one another forward..

I am There, everywhere,
In this expanding heart space,
within me,
I exchange with you,
My light, My truths,
My sorrows, My wonders,
My experiences, My blunders,
My resolves, Who I am,
Unconditionally without expectations,
Without any needs for any return
Or matched Gifts given,
But laid open, Exposing myself, For myself,
Through my life lived.
I share and bestow onto you,
My heart, as I really am, whether,
A friend or foe, Always a fellow human,
Walking my path, Discovering all that pertains to my truth,
Whether we walk together forever,
Or for a reason or season.
I am here, As I bow to my heart,I bow to yours,
May your reflections here or there,
Be well.. Bless you!
Melissa Palmer © Evolving Mirror

Evolving Mirror By Melissa Palmer

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