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It is my mission to improve each person’s quality of life by empowering them to create real and meaningful positive changes in all areas of their life. Redefining Personal Health means that the health goals are your own, and the strategies will be designed to work within your personal needs and lifestyle.

Body, mind and spirit come into balance through holistic, nutrition based counselling that takes you from where you are to the next level until you reach your goal. It’s all designed around finding what works best for you; and that is the meaning behind my company’s name, Your Total Health Experience.

Let me tell you why I am so passionate about helping individuals and families achieve better health. You will see that it is very personal to me.

My journey to becoming a health and wellness coach started over 20 years ago when my infant daughter started having symptoms of food allergies. I was young, and she was my only child. The anguish I felt in my heart over her pain, and my desperation to help her drove me to explore all manner of natural alternative therapies.

A byproduct of my daughter’s food allergies was congestion and ear infections. Traditional medicine was unsuccessful at eliminating her chronic ear infections, and I was not willing to put my baby girl through surgery to have tubes put in her ears. I am eternally grateful to the woman who advised me what herbal drops to put in her ears and how treat her.

It seemed as though it was a random coincidence that I would mention to a grocery store worker, whom I didn’t know, about my daughter’s health issues but I am convinced that it was a divine arrangement. It was his wife who was versed in herbal supplements, who provided the answers for my baby girl's ear infections, and who changed my family’s life for the better, forever.

With a natural remedy that worked better than antibiotics to eliminate the ear infections, I began figuring out what to feed my baby that didn’t aggravate her food allergies. To eliminate…

Awards and Affiliations

2016-2017 National Association of Professional Women VIP Woman of the Year
Featured professional in Women of Distinction Magazine
Named Pinnacle Professional by the Continental Who's Who Registry
Awarded "Tier of Excellence" Lifetime Achievement Award by Oxford Who's Who
American Association of Drugless Practioners
Institute of Integrative Nutrition
National Association of…

Causes and Organizations

American Legion
Weston A. Price Foundation
Organic Consumers Association
Wounded Warrior
World Wildlife Foundation
National Resources Defense Council

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