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"Bringing Your Stories To Life"

A creative visionary writer, video,, speaker, Difference Makers Media Host and Strategic Attraction™ consultant, who is dedicated to bringing more positivity into the world through stories that matter.     

As the Founder/President of Difference Makers Media, I'm all about bringing your stories to life.  I'm passionate about empowering, inspiring and transforming lives by creating, telling and sharing your stories to make an impact.  Over the past 30 years, I've worked with a wide range of clients -- from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations to entrepreneurs. My focus is on stories that get results.  I call it "story marketing."  

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Through a combination of Strategic Attraction coaching, writing, marketing and media, we  help you become a celebrity in your niche.  My clients are "difference makers" -- heart-conscious business leaders who have stories to tell, and need help in creating and/or marketing their message effectively.

My writing and media has spanned the spectrum -- from CEO speeches, lyrical tributes, and company newsletters to a wide array of videos, articles, press releases, brochures, online interviews through my program, "The Difference Makers."   

I've spoken to groups about patient safety (based on the research from our nationally award-winning patient safety video) to Effective Marketing For Business Owners and Harnessing the Power of Strategic Attraction.  

I'm the author of "Social Justice: How You Can Make A Difference," published by Capstone Press.  I also authored an important children's story --  the true friendship between a man and rare bird that helped the Whooping Cranes survive extinction.  "Dancing With Tex:  The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping Cranes" is available on Amazon at:  You can learn more at:

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If you'd like to learn more about how your stories can make an impact, feel free to be in touch to schedule a free 30-minute strategic story consultation.  You can reach me at:

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