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Kylie Barton

Trying to be the change I wish to see in the world

I am a woman of many hats including research, social media, freelance journalism, copy-writing and PR, active citizenship, and Green Party activism. My particular areas of interest include crime, justice, education, youth, domestic abuse, employment, climate change, sustainability, welfare, LGBT rights, and international development.I have worked in many fields which gives me a unique view of the world; from bar work to running a wedding dress shop, milking cows to PR, hardware to research. I am determined to create positive change in everything I do, and to use my writing to inspire active citizenship.I have written for a variety of platforms including the BBC, Africa Outlook Magazine, Salt Magazine, and Scriptoeris, to name but a few on topics including politics, sustainability, careers, business, and more. 

Awards and Affiliations

Santander Leadership in Media Award as Editor of my University Newspaper 2013

Halifax Community Giving Award 2015

Causes and Organizations

LGBT, Veganism, Green Issues, Climate Change, The Green Party, Youth, Equality.

Kylie Barton

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