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Kezia Lechner

Transformational Intuitive Coaching

I am a highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive healer who lives in Chapel Hill, NC. I am a sought after Transformational Intuitive Coach and I  provide my services to clients internationally by phone and by Skype. For local clients I offer Transformational Intuitive Coaching as well as Reiki/ Energy Healing sessions.

Over the years I have refined my abilities to tune into, and to read the energy of all people, places and things, an invaluable gift which informs my work. I coach people of all ages who come to me seeking support and guidance for a variety of issues.

I assist clients in shifting and releasing the negative self talk and the limiting beliefs which no longer serve them, and empower them as they step into lives filled with greater abundance, purpose and joy.

Kezia Lechner

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