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Kellie Fitzgerald

Powerful awakening to your destiny.

Kellie Fitzgerald has arrived at this particular point in her life by taking the scenic route, often filled with pratfalls and new beginnings.  She famously says of herself in her numerous workshops "I did not have an idyllic childhood, this lead to my not having an idyllic first marriage which lead directly to my experiencing a number of illnesses and other negative events."  Once Kellie escaped that very abusive first marriage she began living a spiritual path, only to find herself fighting for her life as surgeries followed illnesses and bouts of depression threatened to push her over the edge completely.

Throughout this time she found herself unable to find employment that would sufficiently provide for her daughter, so Kellie began starting businesses of her own.  While some were successful, many were not and her continued battle with both physical and mental illnesses made this period in her life very difficult. Kellie has started over from scratch again and again throughout her life emerging each time stronger and more determined that before.  When her most recent disease left her unable to work she once again started down a more spiritual path believing this was the key to restoring her health and making it possible to achieve the success she knew she had always been destined for. 

The year 2013 was an exceptionally dark year for Kellie as financial issues as well as family drama left her constantly deciding whether or not she should just take her own life and get it over with.  It was only with the incredible support and love of her husband and daughter she found the strength to start over one more time.  Kellie began meditating daily, started keeping a journal again and embarked on a physical fitness program which consisted solely of walking around the outside of her house.  Months later she had realized she could actually resume hiking in the nearby mountains; something she'd always loved but had not been able to do for years.  She started taking courses in psychology, grief counseling and became a Certified Community Health Worker making sure those in…

Kellie Fitzgerald

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