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Kathleen 'Kat' Baker

Serenity Through Sound

Kat Baker and her husband, Dean, founded Serenity Through Sound(TM) over 5 years ago with the vision to increase awareness of the therapeutic benefits of harmonics, sound and vibration and assist others to heal emotional, mental and physical traumas.

Kat is a certified Advanced Level 4 Himalayan Singing Bowl Master, VoiceBio(TM) Sound Therapist, Gong Master, and Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner. As an Advance BioGeometry student Kat integrates biosignatures and other BioGeometry balancing techniques to assist her clients in harmonizing their physical, mental and emotional space. She is a member of the International Sound Therapy Association and Harmonic Therapy Association whose missions are dedicated to the advancement of Research, Education, and Training in support of sound and music employment for the purpose of therapeutic applications. Kat blends the teachings of Bön with the spirituality of the Hawaiian culture to create soundscapes that transport her clients to a place of serenity.

Dean Baker is a native Pennsylvanian who has lived throughout Europe and Asia where he studied and adopted spiritual practices of several cultures. He is an exceptional Gong Master and natural born teacher of the magic and spirituality of the gong. Having served as U.S. Marine in some very hostile environments he learned the importance of relaxation and meditation to maintain physical and mental health.

Dean and Kat offer workshops and seminars on Harmonics and Using Himalayan Singing Bowls & Gongs for Stress Reduction. They perform extraordinary Himalayan Singing Bowl & Gong Meditations and Gong Pujas across the mid-Atlantic, New England and southern states.

Kathleen 'Kat' Baker

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