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Karen Cherrett

Your Support For Making Life Changes


Life isn't always easy, is it?

I've always felt that life was difficult, that I needed to struggle, that I wasn't supposed to have what I wanted (let alone ask for it).

My emotions were a problem for me.  I couldn't handle them, and so I dissociated.  I have been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder.  It's something I have lived most of my life with, without realizing it.

It wasn't till 2010 when my only daughter died suddenly at the age of 23 that my life changed significantly.

I had done a lot of courses, mostly energy type work, previously.  I am a Reiki Master, a trained Bowen Therapist, and Pranic Healer.  I've also spent time reading cards and passing on the Universes messages to others.

After I spent my time grieving the loss of my daughter, I dived into studying Holistic Counselling.  This had me introduced to 'The Work of Byron Katie', a simple method of questioning your thinking.

I initially had a love hate relationship with it. Then after attending an in person even with Byron Katie, I got it.  I got how powerful such a simple tool and the process is, and how effective.

This had me dive headlong into the Certification process. I was questioning my thinking 4-6 hours per day while my whole world seemed to come up in my face.  At times it was hard, stressful, feeling as though I was alone, and getting know where.  I've been suicidal, anxious, experienced panic attacks, felt depressed for days/weeks/months and yet I kept following the simple directions.

I questioned my beliefs and thinking about my Mum, and Brother and my whole world is now completely different.

Ohh and did I mention in there I was also working full time in a corporate role.  Something I had done for 25 years.  I came to realize that world wasn't for me any more.

What I do now

Now my life is peaceful each and every day.  I work with people who want support to move through difficult situations in life; places they feel stuck. I do Inquiry…

Awards and Affiliations

A trained Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach

Certified Bridges Transition Management Trainer

Holistic Counsellor


Karen Cherrett

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