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Karen Cherrett

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Life isn't always easy, is it?

I've always felt that life was difficult, that I needed to struggle, that I wasn't supposed to have what I wanted (let alone ask for it).

My emotions were a problem for me.  I couldn't handle them, and so I dissociated.  I have been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder.  It's something I have lived most of my life with, without realizing it.

It wasn't till 2010 when my only daughter died suddenly at the age of 23 that my life changed significantly.

I had done a lot of courses, mostly energy type work, previously.  I am a Reiki Master, a trained Bowen Therapist, and Pranic Healer.  I've also spent time reading cards and passing on the Universes messages to others.

After I spent my time grieving the loss of my daughter, I dived into studying Holistic Counselling.  This had me introduced to 'The Work of Byron Katie', a simple method of questioning your thinking.

I initially had a love hate relationship with it. Then after attending an in person even with Byron Katie, I got it.  I got how powerful such a simple tool and the process is, and how effective.

This had me dive headlong into the Certification process. I was questioning my thinking 4-6 hours per day while my whole world seemed to come up in my face.  At times it was hard, stressful, feeling as though I was alone, and getting know where.  I've been suicidal, anxious, experienced panic attacks, felt depressed for days/weeks/months and yet I kept following the simple directions.

I questioned my beliefs and thinking about my Mum, and Brother and my whole world is now completely different.

Ohh and did I mention in there I was also working full time in a corporate role.  Something I had done for 25 years.  I came to realize that world wasn't for me any more.

What I do now

Now my life is peaceful each and every day.  I work with people who want support to move through difficult situations in life; places they feel stuck. I do Inquiry Based Life Coaching

I love working with:

* people who want to make a life change (leave their job, move house/countries)

* parents struggling with their children

* women who are going through divorce or separation

* women with husbands who have addictions

* people struggling with physical ailments such as fibromyalgia

We work one on one and question your thinking.  I provide life coaching on days when it's too much to sit with what's going on.

I often provide crisis support too.  I will be the person you can text or reach out too when things are really difficult.

The other thing I love doing is supporting people to become clear with their communication.  As we know communication is the key to all successful relationships.

Often, without even realizing it, we aren't clear.

- We don't directly ask for what we want.

- We make assumptions.

- We have unspoken expectations.

- We avoid conflict because we think it's bad.

I love to run communication classes to have you begin to think about your communication.  It's an eye opener.

I don't need or want to FIX you.  You are not broken.  What I do do is walk beside you on your journey, supporting you to move to a different place.  One where suffering is not part of your everyday.

My signature program is for 28 days.  Why 28 days you ask?  Well, in my experience questioning my thinking daily for 28 days has made a big difference in my well being.  I found I could calm down, even for short periods of time. I could see possibilities.  Life shifted, even in a small way, that felt like heaven.

I look forward to being of service in the future.


Awards and Affiliations

A trained Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach

Certified Bridges Transition Management Trainer

Holistic Counsellor


Karen Cherrett

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