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Judy Taylor

Self Empowerment - Positive Solutions - Stress Management - Grief - Self Help - MUM MOMENTS

Judy Taylor
Diploma of Holistic Healing . . . is an Intuitive who helps people help themselves
My work is introducing self-awareness to my clients, empowering them to be aware of their inner voices and how these voices motivate their daily life.
When I was experiencing the grief after my mother's sudden death in February 2011, being still and writing my journal supported my healing. I self-published this journal as 'MUM MOMENTS - Journey Through Grief' in 2014 following feedback from friends and colleagues who said my words had a healing effect on those suffering loss.
In 2016 I self-published my 2nd book 'HEARTSPACE - Letters To My Mother' which highlights how I stay connected with her in the afterlife.
My Facebook page is reaching out to thousands of people worldwide.
Most recently we republished our audio CD, the 'Beach Holiday @ Your Desk'; a collection of visualizations designed to help people relax, re-energize and re-focus to the gentle, soothing & natural sounds of waves washing in to shore.
I am an advocate for self expression, an author, speaker and facilitator.
I practice knowing myself and healing myself. I help others practice knowing themselves and healing themselves.
In the stillness we get to know ourselves, listen to ourselves and make choices in our life that truly resonate with our heart.
This takes practice. The more we practice, the more we understand ourselves. At this point we have the opportunity to observe what motivates us in every aspect of our life and make choices that resonate with our true self.
I live this way. I love this way. My heart radiates from a space of love living this way.

Judy Taylor

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