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JoAnn Aparo Neurath

Founder of Saltcoats, Writer, Photographer The nature of light is to reveal, not conceal.
  • …Saltcoats…  A reflective and inspirational page of love, life and living on an island.
    A true aspirant is someone who works to make it real because he/she has seen the futility of deflecting life through pretense and imagination. Those three little words 'Make It Real' lead to 'finding out for yourself' which equals a complete formula for spiritual freedom.  Being real gives true freedom to be the best one can be. In turn, you give it away, use it up, offer it to the wind and then jump in and let the winds of change play you instead of punishing you.

    Through my photography of the beautiful Florida Keys, USA,  I write inspirational stories of my own life experiences and the wisdom I have learned through coping with the loss of two sons and a cancer survior for 2 years and counting.

    I invite eveyone to come and take a walk with me alolng the waters edge. 'I cant believe I saw that' becomes real as you never know what you will see! Life is full of amazing discoveries and is much larger than any individual or any belief system. When God leads the way, blending of the mind, body and soul becomes the totality of you. Knowing that you know brings amazing revelations. Your will becomes aligned with God's will for you. 
    So make plans, tons of plans, the more plans you make, the more you have to get excited about.  How you express yourself counts, so smile and be ready.


JoAnn Aparo Neurath

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