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Joan Lubar

Feel Great, Look Young, Live Fully

My mission, to support women in creating healthy, vibrant and meaningful lives as they age, is the result of my own journey over the last 45 years.  I began this journey while raising an ADHD child in an unhappy marriage, looking for alternatives to medication for my son and realizing I needed to leave the marriage and find a new path for myself, as well.

From this starting point I eventually had to deal with my own health and turned first to nutritional help, then my own spiritual development and finally building my own health and wellness business as a nutrition advisor, wellness educator and business developer.

My passion is using my own experience and wisdom to help women who want to find natural ways to build and keep their health as they age, keep their families thriving and develop a philosophy that helps the planet survive and its people caring and community oriented.

I speak on topics from healthy living to women's health, self care for the caregiver and creating greatness in our lives.  

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Joan Lubar

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