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Jill Leigh

Education for the Consciously Curious

I have been an energy practitioner and teacher for more than 25 years. As a child, my energetic abilities showed up in the form of telepathic communication with certain wild animals. My sense of connection to the natural world was in many ways deeper and more satisfying than my relationships with family and friends. I enjoyed this profound connection until the age of 11, when it finally shut down due to being labeled “a bad thing” by the adults around me.

In adulthood, while working in the corporate world, I experienced a spontaneous reactivation of my abilities. Ungrounded and unprepared for what I was experiencing, I was encountering and communicating with spirits on my land. In the throes of chronic fatigue and auto-immune issues, I made the decision to heal myself and learn more about regulating my own energy.

I was in my early 30s and I didn’t want to continue experiencing chronic fatigue and auto-immune issues. These symptoms are very common with people who are energetically porous, and therefore not able to contain and regulate energy.

As I straddled the corporate and spiritual worlds, I kept the two very separate from one another to avoid the risk of appearing “crazy.” Despite the two-world approach, my abilities crept in and allowed me to intuit what coworkers and clients were experiencing, helping them feel seen and understood. When I chose to end my corporate life, I moved forward full-time into spiritual work.

Now, twenty-five years later, I am the founder and director of the Energy Healing Institute, a school that caters to seasoned integrative practitioners and those wishing to expand upon their energetic knowledge base. My  abilities allow…

Jill Leigh

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