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Jenifer Merifield

Transformational Mindset Mentor, Coach & Speaker | Live an Extraordinary Life

Each of us has within us, right now, everything we need to manifest life in all the ways we desire it to be. It’s our belief system; our Mindset. Nothing outside of ourselves, be it seminars, books, healing modalities, supplements, exercise, or any great advice, will offer any more than temporary relief without the type of Mindset that comes from self worth, self love, and unconditional belief.

It starts with Self Clarity and the awareness of where we are not thinking and feeling for ourselves.

The great news is that no one can force us what to think or feel, and that’s where we hold immeasurable power over the results of our lives. The problem is, we carry around decades of habitual thinking patterns and limited beliefs that are so strong in us, so automatic, that we often don’t even realize we’re sabotaging our desires and reinforcing our unsupportive mindset because it’s what we know. It’s our comfort zone. Comfort zones are easy. We know what to expect there. Change and the unknown are scary. But even though easy is more comfortable than risk, don’t let yourself get to a point in life where avoiding action becomes regret.

Self-clarity shows you where you've been unknowingly creating roadblocks in your life that hold you back from your easiest path forward. You become aware of what you want and you begin to care far less what other people think or think about you. When we care too much what other people think, we stop thinking for ourselves

As your Coach, I'll teach you very specific tools that you’ll have for a lifetime. I’ve worked with people with chronic pain, disease, depression, years of grief, shame, and regret, who are now thriving!

There is no impossible, only limiting beliefs. I believe in you.

Jenifer Merifield

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