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Jeannette Bessinger

The Clean Food Coach: helping habit change stick!

Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC, interfaith minister, the Clean Food CoachTM, is an award-winning educator and author of multiple books featuring healthy eating. Her recipes and clean lifestyle perspectives have been showcased in over 100 media outlets, including Consumer Reports, Clean Eating, Self, Dr. Oz Online, Martha Stewart Living, NPR and NBC News.

Designer of a long-running and successful, hospital-based, lifestyle change program and countless transformational workshops, Jeannette has helped thousands of people make lasting changes to deeply entrenched habits that no longer serve them.

With a unique combination o f pow erful, real-life stories and rich, practical content, her presentations are engaging and inspiring, often gen erating profound “ah-ha” experienc es in her audiencesthat awaken them tothepossibilityoflife“in the flow”. 

Jeannette Bessinger

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