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Dr. Joy combines ancient wisdom with leading edge science to provide root cause solutions to personal and societal challenges. The root cause of human thriving is mindset and habits of thought. Through training programs, speeches, and numerous books she helps people around the world thrive more. She is currently doing a lot of work in employee engagement and burnout prevention and recovery. Her books have addressed stress reduction and resilience-building relating to 1) physical health, 2) suicide prevention, 3) crime prevention, 4) helping at-risk children thrive more, 5) employee engagement, 6) being ready for life's ups and downs, 7) mental health, and 8) burnout prevention, recovery, retention.

Let her know how she can support you so you can thrive more now.

Causes and Organizations

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation #StopStigma

Stop losing 2/3 of at-risk children to addiction, prison and death. We have solutions. Implement them now.

Dr. Jeanine Joy

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