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Jasmina Capellan

Motivational Speaker, Ho'oponopono Practitioner - Life Coach - Author -

I am an accomplished businesswoman who is involved in various fields and diverse activities. Following my participation in various conferences, training, and workshops, I quickly realized that new path is traced to me, turning my personal and professional experiences useful I became a Motivational speaker, life coach, a #Hooponopono Practitioner and a mentor to many people in my network. This opportunity has allowed me to discover my life's mission: Building people's lives. I am recognized for my enthusiasm, leadership, and optimism. With my new philosophy of life, I will join you to create new thinking that will open doors to a global approach of listening, observing and concrete action.

Co-Author of the Books #Hope - A New way of thinking, Launched in December 2016 and Transforming lives one story at a time, Launched in November 2017 . With LWL Publishing House. I am actually working on my first eBook "Conversation wish Maisha - 15 Minutes with the power of I Am. Her eBook will be in ENGLISH - SPANISH, and FRENCH all in one.

Jasmina Capellan

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