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Helena Kalivoda

Award-Winning Author of books on spiritual awakening to your authentic self.

In her books, Helena Kalivoda shares the philosophies and principles she receives from her spiritual guides and teachers. Her books enable readers to find their truth and transform their knowledge and beliefs into living wisdom.

Helena lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband, children, and grandchildren. After retiring early from the corporate world, she decided to dedicate herself to the writing she began in the early nineties. When she became very ill, her first book was born out of her determination to get well.

Helena’s writing, inspired by her soul, has assisted her in her spiritual awakening. Through her books, she seeks to help others to realise their spiritual origins.

Helena’s Message to You

Although I have authored eight books, received gold and bronze awards and am a two-time finalist, I never planned or dreamed of becoming an author of books on the theme of spiritual philosophy. I studied economics and computer science and considered myself a scientifically minded, left-brain person. However, after several life challenges, I questioned all I had believed before. My search for who I was, led to writing, and later publishing, my books.

You too can wake up to your calling, just as I woke up to my passion of writing and feeling connected with my Spirit Self. The Universe is cooperative and supportive, so believe all is possible. Ask and you shall receive - you shall experience your dormant powers and talents coming alive.
I wish you many "aha" moments and transformations. May you live a life of awe, choosing happiness and joy.

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I am an author of eight books. The Purposeful Mind Series of five books – Creation, Illumination, Contemplation, Evolution, and Metamorphosis.
Also, Awaken! Soul Is Calling; Wake Up! Your Heart Is Calling; Wake Up! Prosperity Is Calling.

Judge's Endorsement for AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling, Writers Digest Book Awards: 

"The writing conveys this author's passion for understanding the way of the spiritual life, and in following one of its basic tenets, generously shares her wisdom in the pages of this practical, well-organized book.…

Awards and Affiliations

- GOLD & BRONZE, Poetry & Spiritual/Metaphysical Content 2013 Global eBooks Awards. For ILLUMINATION: Getting to Know the Invisible You.

- FINALIST, Spiritual/Metaphysical Non_Fiction 2012 Global eBooks Awards. For AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling, in Spiritual/Metaphysical Non_Fiction 2012 Global eBooks Awards.

- FINALIST, in Inspirational Poetry 2013 USA Best Book Awards.…

Causes and Organizations

The Writers Guild of Alberta,
Alexandra Writers' Center Society.

Helena Kalivoda

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