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I am Dr Mahesh Hukmani from India. I am an Eye Surgeon By Profession and Now much into Alternative Therapies. I am also the Inventor of the Diagnostic Called Jv-Scan, that is Helpful in Actually Preventing Diseases From entering your Body, as Per W H O Guidelines.

Jv-Scan: A New Diagnostic Modality for:(Requires a 30 Seconds Voice Recording only)

Root Cause Analysis

Defining the Stage wise Progression of a Disease Processfrom Emotional Level to Physical Level.

For administering Sound Frequencies for Reversal of Disease Process.

It was in Jan 2008 when my Father who was Instrumental in Getting me into the Field of Ophthalmology , left us all and Leaving the whole family shattered as it happened so sudden that we were all taken off Guard and didn’t know what to do or How to act then.

This Followed a Period where in I shut Down my Average Looking Eye Clinic and decided to sit back home. I was under Tremendous Grief and Personal Pain .

Soon I realized that i was slipping into Endogenous Depression and it took me 6 months, after running from Pillar to Pillar and in Despair and Indignity to develop that insight which took me to a Psychiatrist. I was Prescribed Heavy Medication in the Form of Anti Depressants and Sleeping Pills.

I was Told that this was to be my life now. On Drugs and Medication, forever for the rest of My Life.

Another 6 Months Passed by and one fine day as I was trying to focus on doing something new. It happened.

A sudden gush of New Ideas that I was Downloading as if From Divine. I started Writing what I was getting. And the end Result of which was: Develop something that can get you away from this Medication. It happened finally.

Another 5 years it took me to finally get what I was Destined to.

I could come up with a New system that would require a recording of your Voice to highlight the Negative Emotions Trapped within the deep recess of the Sub conscious Mind and Treating the same with Pure Sound Frequencies Found Missing in the Voice sample.

To test It I decided to make myself the Guinea Pig and started. I recorded my Voice every 10th Day and took treatment in the form of Sound Frequencies, that were meant to bring Transformation with in me .

I continued this form of Treatment for a full 6 Months that comprised a total of 18 sessions of Voice Recordings and 18 Sessions of Sound Frequencies as My Treatment.

I was Open to the idea and much happened within me on a scale of 1-10 during this time.

I was a transformed Man. I had no negative Emotions. 7/12 Frequencies found Missing were back in my body. I felt much balanced, Happy, rejuvenated and Healed with in.


This was the time I decided to leave all my Allopathic Medication and it just happened in one day.


Its been over 6 Years Now and I am with out any medication Prescribed to me. No drugs, No sleeping Pills. I feel Light and Happy more than ever Before. 


In these 6 yrs I felt another change with in me. My Immunity had gone up and I didn’t fall pray to the changing weather at all, which was earlier a Normal Routine.


Further More I have Not fallen sick in these 6 Years and I am still not on any form of Medication for anything called a Medical Condition as I am Perfectly Balanced in MY BODY MIND AND SOUL.


There is a Huge List of Diseases which we have Treated and also Prevented From Entering into Physical Body and this can be Viewed by Clicking the Link Below:


 This change within me Inspired to come up with a Platform where in People can gain access to not only this form of Treatment without Drugs or Medication, but also much similar Preventive Healthcare Modalities that can enlighten a Human Body and soul and there is No Sickness at all.


As on date as I write, I have not suffered even a Minor Common Cold in the Last 6 Years. Any one can develop and Enhance their Immunity like me.


LIST OF DISEASES/Disorders CURED WITH IN 30 DAYS: With Healing Code Therapy

1.        Anxiety

2.      Depression

3.      Phobias

4.      Memory

5.      Suicidal Tendencies

6.      Stress

7.       Anger

8.      Fear

9.      All Neurotic Disorders

10.    Some Psychotic Disorders : Obsession, Schizophrenia

11.      Sleep Disorders

12.    Joint Pains

13.    Headaches

14.    Migraines

15.    Weight Loss

16.    Energy Boost

17.     Fatigue

18.    Alcohol Addictions

19.    Drug Addictions

20.  Tobacco Addictions

21.    Acne

22.  Skin Allergies

23.  Chronic Cough

24.  Loss Of Apetite

25.  Hair Growth

26.  Erectile Dysfunction In Males

27.   PCOD In Females

28.  Sinusitis

29.  Sore Throat

30. Stiff Shoulder

31.    Urticaria

32.  Vertigo

33. Cervical Pain

34.  Stammering

35. Prostate Related Issues

36. Eczema

37.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

38. Menstrual Disorders In Females

39. Backache

40.  Relation Ship Issues In Couples

41.    Will Power Issues

42.  Low Self Esteem Issues

43.  Intimacy Issues

44.  Insecurities

45.  Ego Issues

46.  Inferiority Complex

47.   Loss Of Joy

48.  Social Stress

49.  Cravings For Food

50. Resentment

51.    Gloom

In May 2017, we also completed the Development of Android Application for Recording of Voice, which is the First of Its Kind.

The Samples Recorded from any where in the world can be sent Directly to our Server and Therapy Sessions  can be sent to clients anywhere in the world.

Jv-Scan as A Machine is the Next Project in the Pipeline. Right Now it is an integration oF a few on line and off line Software plus Mobile Phone Application

Awards and Affiliations

Best Start Up In Health care: Mumbai: May 2018

Best Innovation in Health Care: May 2019

Best Start up to Qualify for ICT Awards: 2019

Causes and Organizations

Member of Lions International

Organising Eye Camps Under NHRM wih Punjab Govt India

Certifications and Credentials



PGDHA- Apollo Delhi


Dr Mahesh Hukmani

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