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Deborah Whitney

Founder , CEO Pure Sports Recovery and Pure Recovery California

My name is Deborah Whitney, I am the Founder and Executive Director of Pure Sports Recovery and Pure Recovery California. I had a vision to bring together the best of the latest scientific advancements and treatment to the field of Sports Behavioral Health , Addiction, Concussion and Brain Peak Performance by making sure athletes had access to the most cutting edge evidenced based treatment  in the countryAfter years of serving in healthcare in various roles and bringing translational organizations together (from science bench to patient), understood the challenges and necessity of  treating the whole person,(body, mind and spirit) so athletes could overcome their behavioral health or substance misuse-problem and be fully engaged in the present moment.

 My passions led me to create Pure Sports Recovery for athletes, a highly successful one stop solution for behavioral health, addiction and peak performance. Pure Sports Recovery California is the first Joint Commission Accredited Neuroscience driven recovery treatment center in the USA. We specialize in treatment of professional and amateur athletes providing personalized programs for the scientific treatment of sports brain injuries, addiction, chronic pain, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, peak performance and much more. Having successfully treated hundreds of athletes we understand their specific needs and provide individualized evidence based treatment programs that combine a highly scientific medical approach with 360-degree holistic wellness. 


Deborah Whitney

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