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Deborah Kesten

Optimal Eating in Harmony with Ancient Food Wisdom & Modern Science

Motivated by the millions who struggle with weight and other chronic, food-related conditions—such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers—I created the pioneering, evidence-based Whole Person Integrative Eating (WPIE) model and program. I also specialize in preventing and reversing chronic conditions through optimal eating, Lifestyle Medicine, and Nutritional Epigenetics.

My passion for helping people achieve health and healing through optimal eating (based on a person's personal health concerns) began when I was the nutritionist on Dean Ornish, M.D.’s first clinical trial for reversing heart disease through lifestyle alone—without drugs or surgery, and as Director of Nutrition on similar reversal research at cardiovascular clinics in Europe.

Merging ancient food wisdom with modern nutritional science provided the foundation for my Whole Person Integrative Eating (WPIE) model and program, which is a holistic, cross-cultural approach to optimal eating and sustainable weight loss. The results of my research on WPIE have been published in two peer-reviewed medical journals (Explore and Integrative Medicine), and I offer a free, comprehensive workshop on, and articles about, WPIE on my website, I describe my Whole Person Integrative Eating program as “holistic” because it is a “dietary lifestyle”--not a rigid, restricted diet; rather, it is a lifetime practice--that addresses physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being each time we eat.

An award-winning author, my books include Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul; The Healing Secrets of Food; and more recently, Make Weight Loss Last. I have written more than 300 articles about the link between optimal eating, health, and healing for magazines, the web, and health publications. I am married to Larry Scherwitz, PhD., a medical researcher whose career includes Director of Research for 18 years on Dean Ornish, M.D.’s heart disease reversal program. Larry and I enjoy collaborating on many research and writing projects.

Awards and Affiliations

Award for Best Book: Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul, 1st Place/Spirituality category,  Independent Publishers' Book Award, 1997;

(Former) Member (for 10 years): Board of Directors, American Heart Association, San Francisco chapter

Award: Healer for the New Millennium, HealthyLiving magazine


Causes and Organizations

(Former) Member (for 10 years): Board of Directors, American Heart Association, San Francisco chapter

Causes: Lifestyle Medicine, Nutritional Epigenetics, Whole Person Integrative Eating (for preventing and reversing food-related chronic conditions, such as overeating, overweight, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and more)


Deborah Kesten

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