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Holistic Wellness Using Your Intuition

What do Nikola Tesla, Paul McCartney, and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They use (or used) intuitive flow states to achieve  success. During stressful times, whether you're losing weight, quitting smoking, or need more quality rest your intuition speaks to you. If you listen, this instinct will guide you into your natural healing states where you too can achieve success. In my coaching practice I have found there are three reasons for not reaching intuitive flow states: anxiety, fear, and sadness.

What is intuition? An innate sense, inner-knowing, or awareness without logical, linear, or analytical thought processing.

Threat detection expert Gavin de Becker said it best, "Going from A to Z without knowing how or why you got there."

The Intuitive Invitation

Hi, I'm Courtney an intuitive-empath and a certified health and wellness coach. My pursuit of all-things-intuitive started long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (read: Redmond, Washington). It was a thoughtful invitation from a co-worker. He asked me to read, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need.

Even though I valued his opinion, as a busy social worker I didn't have time to track down the book right away let alone read it. Honestly, I kept that little ragged paper with the title on it tucked in my organizer for almost a year before I finally bought it. Often I thought to myself doubtfully as I opened my calendar and the fold of paper poked out, why would I ever take astrology seriously? Needless to say, his book recommendation opened my mind. Let me be clear, I am not an astrologer. What I learned from taking his suggestion seriously was trust in a different way of thinking about life. This has been a valuable life learning lesson: when we become mindful and sometimes break from conventional psychology we open other possibilities for health and wellness.

I had no idea astrology could be such a profound influence in people's lives, like my social work friend (he had three degrees!) who used heavenly influences to understand earthly human psychology and relationships. My college education helped instill some pretty rigid thought patterns up until that point. Dogmatic ideas such as science was everything and the mind ruled all. Anything esoteric or woo-woo was silly and certainly not to be taken seriously. Staunchly atheistic, I defended these materialistic positions and felt justified in doing so.

Until four years later, one evening changed my life. This went way beyond astrology books.

I prevented a fire in a three-story brownstone by following an intuition.

After that hair-raising experience, I knew the nature of my reality was about to change.

An Intuitive Journey

While my life-saving experience was a dramatic turning point, the intuitive journey often begins with subtle promptings. Even in the simplest ways, like the different kinds of people you are invited to meet. The divine puts them in your path calling you to be more curious. These chance encounters are synchronistic doorways. They have the power to expand your mind and open your heart. Intuition can lead anywhere; you might find a greater purpose, destiny, knowledge, or transformation. Sychronistically, life circumstances that shift your perception beg for exploration of your deeper self. Intuition will always ignite a little passionate fire within.

Just like my invitation to check out astrology, your spirit calls through synchronicities, signs, and symbols. They float into your perception like downy feathers; whether you consciously recognize it or not.

Now, twenty years later after digging down deeply into how intuition works, this soul wants to be of great service. When we combine the heart and soul with science some incredible things happen! For instance, there has always been a concerted effort to understand ESP, intuition, and sensory anomaly by pioneering scientifists. It is out there in the collective even if this incredible science has been suppressed by our culture. For example, according to one of the latest studies on intuition by Dr. Garry Nolan (microbiology and immunology) at the Standford Research Lab, individuals with extraordinary intuition (EI) are able to 'foresee snapshots of the future' more accurately and faster than individuals who don't have EI. MRI scans on people with EI showed a complex network of inter-connectedness of their basal ganglia which stem from the caudate putamen.

In the Standford study, researchers labeled individuals with extraordinary intuition, hypermorphs because of their genetic mutation. It sounds like science fiction, but it's not. Let me explain further. Intuitive hypermorphs may or may not have learned how to trust in these abilities. Some who have EI like myself have paid attention to this organic brain function and learned how to develop it. By first becoming conscious of intuition and working with it, intuitives can integrate three facets of information processing; how to sense, read, and transmit information.  Neurologically, the Standford study has proven intuition happens through unique neural substrates and these are more developed in intuitives. Simplistically, what that means is we can process sensory information faster.

This process is complex and understanding intuitive thought begins with the last twenty years of research on human sensitivity. Armed with this knowledge, I now teach how to rely on intuition. It is not rocket-science. Intuition is a powerful instinct that can be developed.

What are you looking to achieve right now and how can intuition help you make on your next decision? One thing is certain. As you develop your intuition you'll experience flow states of bliss, joy, and connectedness more often. Sometimes, you can even saves lives.

Following your intuition will never let you down.

Let me show you.

An Intuitive Turning Point

Seattle, WA. (2002) One rainy night, an unbelievable thing happened. It was quite a grey and dreary time for running an errand, like moving a bed across town from Capitol Hill to Queen Anne. Thankfully, I was off-shift and was looking forward to a relaxing night even if that meant doing a quick favor first. As I arrived at my friend's apartment to pick her up and travel to Queen Anne to our other friend's place to move her bed, I had a nagging in my gut. A strong feeling came with it, we shouldn't move the bed.

I couldn't shake the strong feeling as I drove across town in the cramped front seat with my friend and her two small boys squished between us. An internal voice grew louder as we got further away from our neighborhood. It shouted at me, "Don't move the bed!" I tried to pass it off as anxiety and choked the voice down. Until I couldn't any longer. I felt half crazy as I demanded we about-face and go back. As we rushed up the apartment stairs, a sweet smelling smoke filtered down the hallway. My girlfriend frantically searched for her keys buried in her purse. She found them. We pushed the door open. Then, clamored through it. I scanned the living room and saw what had called me back. On the floor a small river of red wax had hardened. A steady stream dripped down from the windowsill and flowed over the old plank flooring. A three wick candle burned quietly on the window's ledge.

I stepped into the kitchen to collect myself when I heard the two small boys go into a frenzy. Jumping and shoutng they called me in to look at the window. At first glance my mind didn't quite understand. In awe they pointed to a bamboo curtain hanging above the candle. Just above the flickering flames hung the rolled up window shade. A black singe mark contrasted the light wood. From where the heat was most intense, smoke emanated up. I finally understood. The bamboo window shade was ready to ignite.

I stood there paralyzed staring at the sooty black mark which had expanded into a circle bigger than a grapefruit.

After we prevented a fire in their brownstone that night, a question lingered in my mind. After all these years, it never really left, how could I have prevented a fire in an apartment I never went into?

The answer: intuition.

Research on Intuition and Expanded Perception

What I didn't know at the time and came to learn over the last twenty years of researching government programs on PSI phenomenon (ESP, telepathy, remote viewing), healing, psychology, and spirituality is that intuitive people use this natural ability for threat detection, safety, and health. Everyone has this innate survivial instinct. Highly Sensitive People (HSP) likely have more advanced states of perception because they see, hear, and feel at such an intense level. One in five people (20%) called sensitive see, hear, an feel more than the rest of the popluation through their delicate sensory awareness. When sensitivity shifts into more exaggerated states like hypersensitivity, we find anomaly like extraordinary intuition, psychic pheneomenon, and spiritually transformative experiences.

As a consciousness researcher, I believe advanced intuition develops as a coping strategy for faster sensory information processing. Its a simple equation: sensing more equals intuiting more. In this theory, development of intuition lessens the cognitive burden or demand put on the metabolic structures of the mind and body. It has been described by researchers not only as overwhelming, but dysfunctional. I don't really take that view although I can certainly see how extreme sense perception creates instability or imbalance due to higher levels of anxiety from perceiving too much sensory stimulation.

As an intuitive health and wellness coach, I teach the connection between sensitivity and intuition through the lens of holistic medicine. Since sensitivity affects us on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, I went further in my education and received a Master's in Mind-Body Medicine to support individuals who are sensitive and may not understand their expansive sensory awareness. As a 200-Hr yoga teacher, healer, and mindfulness coach I teach people how to heal mental and emotional stress so they can tap into their intuition and achieve their dreams. I believe it is a human right to have access to proper health care, even when experiencing advanced states of intuition which are not understood by the current medical model.

This last reason is why my book Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive: Empathy, Intuition, Expression, and Vision will be published by Hay House in February 2021. I am passionate about the gifts of sensitivity as a health coach, healer, and advocate. All to often we hear about the negative side of sensory overload, rather than the gifts of using expansive sensory awarness. I believe these abilities show evidence of advanced states of consciousness and are the next evolution in human consciousness.

The intuitive life has been all but forgotten in modern times due to technological advances, but it can still help us as we evolve too. I had to be woken up to how important intuition is for my own growth and development as a sensitive. It doesn't always have to be such a dramatic and eye-opening shift into increased perception and awareness, but often times it is.

Consider this your call to open up your heart and mind to your more intuitive side. I invite you to watch for Hay House and get my book in 2021. Don't be like me and wait too long for such a juicy invitation into learning these awesome gifts! Surely you'll read it and find as I once did, This is the Only Book on Intuition You'll Ever Need!


Testimonials from clients:

"I was amazed how quickly and vividly her work took place. I highly recommend a session with Courtney for anyone wishing to experience someone who is compassionate, intelligent and intuitively gifted. Thank you, Courtney!" - Sara Rossi, Film Producer and Health Coach

"She's you're own personal rainmaker. When you have Courtney in your life, she makes things happen."  - Shasheen Shah, Fortune 500 Business Consultant, Pink Elephant Project Founder

"I've never met anyone like her. She's a real force of nature. I call Courtney, 'Rolling Thunder' because she comes up to the plate entirely, every time, with strength and generosity of spirit." - Gary Swanson, Actor, Teacher,  & Lifetime Member of the Actor's Studio

"She is truly daring greatly, what a woman."  - Sara Hospador, Functional Analyst King County

Courtney was summoned to me by the energies pushing me to grow. Instantly, she knew something big was up. I was deciding to grow my business. Courtney was my guiding light right before I was about to sign the lease to move to a larger building. Thank you Courtney. - Hilary Wheeler-Smith, Livingston Montana

In a time of turmoil and confusion, Courtney’s guidance and deep insights allowed me to see more clearly and validate what I knew on a deeper level. Her passion, energy and insights are true gifts for anyone seeking to deeply explore and understand themselves. - Karen Gonne’-Harrell

Thank you for the precious gift of sharing your time with me. Thank you for getting to that confusing inner pattern so quickly and helping me to release it. I feel so much different now and life is truly in the flow and things keep falling into place. Thank you thank you. - Katharine Mies, Switzerland

Awards and Affiliations

Hay House Writers Workshop Award Winner (2018), Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive

King County Best Community Service Award Winner, Harborview Medical Center (2003)

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified Health Coach (2017)

Master of Integrative Medicine, M.S. Awarded 2010, Saybrook University (2019)

Plant-Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship, 2-Years, Fire Rose Farms, Washington State

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