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    Christine J. Gilbert posted an update
    January 9, 2018, Radio Friends with Paul Pepper, KBIA 91.3 in Columbia, Missouri interviewed my illustrator, David Harris and I, and it was an enjoyable, informative interview. Take a look, Caption under interview video: Today Paul Pepper visits with author CHRISTINE J. GILBERT and illustrator DAVID HARRIS about "Super Grandma and Super Grandpa: The Unknown Superheroes." This three-book series has a lot of action and a positive message that's entertaining enough for children, parents and, of course, grandparents! Also, David tells us about his own children's book - a work in progress - that deals with how to be a best friend. January 18, 2018 Paul-Pepper-David-I
    Christine J. Gilbert posted an update
    I'm excited to share this interview with everyone. Please click on the YouTube video, Like and leave comments. Your feedback is important to me. Kansas City Live Channel 41 Michelle Davidson Bratcher and Joel Nichols interviewed me on March 1, 2017 about my children's novels, Super Grandma and Super Grandpa, The Unknown Superheroes series Book 1 & 2. Thank you.fullsizeoutput_1eea

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