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Christelle Chopard

Navigate Life Transitions with Mindfulness

Christelle Chopard is founder of the DHARMI® Method, GPS for your life. She began to practice holistic consulting, therapies and coaching in 1991 when she lived in Switzerland. Since then she has been dedicated to her career and worked with people in different cultures on six continents. She added some researches in her curriculum and studied many holistic methodologies, spiritual traditions, healing paths and leadership methodologies. Her adventurous nature and wisdom lead her to explore many alternatives. With her experience and expertise, she created the DHARMI Method to support people and companies to improve their wellbeing and development. Exploring many paths and perspectives, she created a GPS to navigate life transitions with clarity and mindfulness. The programs are offered in private consultations. DHARMI Institute is headquartered in Miami, FL. Other locations and people have now the License to provide the services at diverse locations around America, Europe and Australia.

Christelle Chopard

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