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Bruce Winkle

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Awaken to the messages from your soul

After studying and practicing many modalities of energetic bodywork for the last 20+ years, I’m still as in love with it as the day I started. My involvement in this field has led me on many exploratory paths and to exciting discoveries that I build on and refine in my current practice.  I continue to learn something new every day.

During my early years in energy healing, I worked extensively with both people and animals. My work with horses in particular greatly enhanced my ability to connect with and understand energy flows. From that experience I created the ‘Energetic Wellness for Horses’ series of equine energy courses.

I went on to teach Reiki and later to establish and lead Reiki support groups for cancer and hospice patients.  It’s been my honor to work with people whose journeys include these challenges and with the elderly.  These experiences inspired me to seek deeper insights into the wisdom of the body and its energies.  My work expanded to address how traumas and stress create imbalances that become stuck in the body and heavily influence daily life.  The ‘Reconnect with Your Heart’s True Essence’ group healing workshops were designed to support the clearing of many layers of discords recorded in the lifelines of our hearts.

After years of searching for ways to access the held energetic and cellular memories that we accumulate over time, I designed the ‘Clearing Held Memories’ training program.  This unique and powerful form of energetic bodywork combines the gentle connection of touch with the power of moving the energy of various systems that flow in and throughout the body. I find that it allows for the release of many deeply held traumas and frees trapped energy that no longer serves us.

My most recent offering is one that has been building within me for several years.  I know that its time has now come. With increasing numbers of people awakening in consciousness, I’ve been guided to offer sessions to facilitate progress in this area. ‘An Awakening Blessing’ is an opportunity to receive an energetic healing that helps clear old programs, evolve in consciousness and begin to live from the heart.  Please see my blog to find out more about 'An Awakening Blessing.'


Certifications and Credentials


National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) - Approved Provider for Continuing Education

Integrative Health – Board Certified

American Association of Integrative Medicine - Diplomat to the College of Energy Medicine

American Massage and Bodywork Professionals – Professional Member

Bruce Winkle

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