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Born to immigrant parents, I am a self-proclaimed “lifelong entrepreneur” who was the first generation born American. My independent spirit and desire to be and do more than my job descriptions, rendered me happily unemployable.  I have owned and operated many businesses which always seemed to  parallel what I myself needed to learn along my life journey.


I successfully grew a home care agency into a 2-million-dollar enterprise employing over 100 caregivers. I have been in the health and wellness industry, have authored several books, taught workshops and seminars and developed my current business of speaking and writing about the power of forgiveness as a result of my own personal and professional experiences. 


After losing all that I had grown accustomed to, my business, home, all my money and my marriage of 23 years, what appeared as a complete disaster, was the seed of what was to become my life's work.  I knew that Spirit lead me through these devastating challenges in order that I might help others to do the same.

I truly believe that for the world to heal, women must heal and step into their true power and essence.  And so my mission is helping women heal from loss, betrayal, and various forms of devastation to live full, vibrant, productive lives. I teach my clients how to integrate the Divine Feminine in us so that we may heal the Divine Masculine and bring true unity, cooperation, and brilliance to the world.


I work with women on grief, forgiveness, release and deep spiritual work. Having experienced betrayal, incest and emotional abuse, I understands what it takes to heal, learn to love oneself, and to believe and take action to create a better life. As a highly sensitive person and intuitive, I am able to see the greatness and potential in others and reminding them of who they really are is how I best serve them.


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