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Alicja B. Lombard - Karuna Reiki® and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher

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Self-realization, Empowerment, Life Coaching, Manifestation, Motivation, Visualization, Reiki, Meditation,

You are a Spiritual Being in a Human Form Powered by Divine Light.

My goal is to strengthen your ever-present connection to your origin of Life Source as you proceed on your path to enlightenment. I am elated to provide you with practical life tools, stimulate any of your dormant senses, empower your thoughts, encourage you to take action towards your life assignment, and aspire you to create your best possible life.

If you allow me, I will provoke your mind so that you aim at the highest state of your Being.

If your desire is to seek enlightenment, I will help to guide you to your own personal contentment by progressing as follow:

  • Simultaneously strengthen you bond with Life Source and balance the Energy that fuels your Life.
  • Assis you in finding Your Life Assignment
  • Empower you to create the life you desire
  • Inspire you to reach your highest potential

I offer natural healing techniques to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Tip-bit about me:

I am passionate in my believe that we are all connected by the Divine Life Source which fuels each and every one of our bodies; and it is our mission to strengthen our bond and balance our human form with the Energy flowing within us.

I know that the direction of my thoughts will create my future, so I shape my thoughts in the most positive way, a message I try to convey to anyone I connect with. You create your future, your life, with what you are thinking about. Because you are always thinking, you are always creating. THINK your life into Existence.

I like to experience life, love to be surrounded by people, thirst for knowledge, and strive to be as independent as possible while knowing you truly need to be connected to family and friends. When I get lost, I consider that an opportunity to explore a new place.

I am Energy Healer:

I am a Reiki Master practitioner. My goal is to help you visualize the energy that fuels your life and your body. I hope to give you tools to help you balance and strengthen your Chakras by creating images that stimulate energy. If you are attracted to a specific color, that Chakra might need balancing. This page, OWL of Infinity, is a division of Gypsy Owl Productions, LLC.

The object of Reiki is to increase the amount of Life Force Energy that is flowing through the body and help balance the energy system of the person receiving the Reiki energy. Most Reiki practitioners, just as I do, work with the balancing the Chakras’ energy. With specific hands positions over the receiver’s body, the Reiki practitioner can determine which of the Chakras needs most balancing, would it be unblocking the Chakra energy or working with over active Chakra.

Information with respect to Energy Healing do not constitute medical advice. I always recommend you seek medical advice from a qualified doctor in the case of serious illness. My intent is to provide information, not diagnoses, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Alicja B. Lombard - Karuna Reiki® and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher

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