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Adrián Ordónez

Inner Work Transform. Be Smarter Than Your Mindset Program.

Hi, wonderful people.
Is your mindset getting in the way of the wellness you want in your life?
Be Smarter Than Your Mindset Program is an experience, not just more information.

My own brief story:
By beginning studying jewelry, Yoga, and Meditation these three charms Bring to my life two results. First, they helped me to find the answer to my first existential question, what is my life purpose? Secondly, they brought me to find a higher purpose to answer to my most fundamental question, what is the purpose of existence of All That Is? I have worked to discover the answers through Inner Work Transformation.  And I have learned that the purpose of the existence of All That Is, is connected to one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development level. That’s the mission of Inner Work Transform with Be Smarter Than Your Mindset Program©.

Do you want to reduce as possible your regrets? Train your brain to consciously control outcomes in your life increasing assertive aware choices.
Searching how to end inner negative thought patterns? Discover how you can do it with the new Neuro-Balance Technique®.
Seeking how to experience the wellness you want in your life? 7 Mindset For Wellness Strategies® has the answer.
Are you looking for a decision-making solution? Find it with an easy Neuro Mindset Muscle Testing® that can save you doubts, time and risk.
I am an international Certified Applied Kinesiology instructor of Touch For Health.

The background:
It took until I was twenty-three years old to find a vocation in which to invest my life. Without a vocation, I felt a great inner insecurity and a deep sorrow. I prayed for divine guidance in my soul search. One morning in 1984, at last, I received an answer to my prayers. I awoke after an intense psychic dream with two extraordinary questions and one affirmation in my mind. The questions were what is my purpose here? And what is the purpose of the existence of All That Is? The affirmation stated, "In your body, you will find the answers." In that way, I was…

Awards and Affiliations

Jewelry Designer.

Usui Reiki Master.

Karuna Reiki Master.

Podal, Hand, Polarity Reflexology.

Touch For Health Kinesiology Instructor.

Bio Holistic Massage.

Be Smarter Than Your Mindset.


Adrián Ordónez

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