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Abby Landry

Nutritionist, Cooperate wellness, Homesteader

My passion in life is to take care of the animals, plants and environment with the purpose of leaving this planet in better shape than it was when I arrived here.

As a child I suffered from obesity and as a result I experienced low self esteem and poor self confidence.  I learned from a health teacher that I could control my destiny and improve my situation by educating myself in the field of nutrition.  I received my college degree in foods and nutrition and now I use this background knowledge to help others make healthier food choices not only for losing weight, but for the betterment of this planet.

I have worked in cooperate wellness for over two years and this is my platform for helping those who may not be able to afford access to a Registered Dietitian or a personal trainer to make improvements with diet and exercise.  As a cooperate wellness director, it is important to teach others that personal well-being is not only about diet and exercise but also about all aspects of life such as stress management, positive outlook, strong spiritual guidance, balanced relationships and taking care of our immediate and outside environment.

Life's a journey of learning and constant self improvement.

Causes and Organizations

Longtime board member for the nonprofit organization Slowfood Asheville.

Volunteer with nonprofit group Mountain True.


Abby Landry

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