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Aaron Force

Awakening A More Powerful You

On a day like any other, in the spring of 2015, my wife and I met a friend after work at his place of business. A moment of inspiration sparked with the fuel of recent, unbearable suffering and I experienced a revelation akin to the scales falling from Saul's eyes. In a matter of a few moments, after years of confusion and a corresponding depression, I realized my calling in life. That calling was to follow my seventh-grade dream of becoming a writer. What I didn't realize until perhaps a few months later was that the miracle I had experienced was far more than I could have ever imagined.

As a matter of research, I found myself continually drawn to topics of a spiritual nature. I couldn’t figure that attraction out, I tried to resist it, but then a realization occurred. What I realized was that what I had experienced was not just a calling but an authentic spiritual awakening.

My life was shifting in dramatic ways. I had now really discovered what I was supposed to do with my life and how I was to make my impact. I was beginning to see the mirages of life for the illusions they were—that most of the perceptions I made about myself and life were completely inaccurate. Limitations that I was sure were real and impenetrable began to fade.

For most of us, our personal identity and interface with the world are completely wrong and that is why we have not been getting what it is that we want out of life. But here, at the end of it all, is my message: It is entirely possible to discover who you REALLY are and how the universe REALLY works so that you can awaken to a more powerful you. A FAR more powerful you. A you so powerful that you will begin creating the life you desire and impacting humanity at a scale you never would have previously thought possible.

Are you game? Are you ready to awaken to a more powerful you?

Aaron Force

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