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Debbie’s Why: “To be the change in the way wellness is delivered and whole body well-being prioritized.”

“I have experience with leading teams that built my computer business to 1.5 million a year in sales. I’ve ran and managed business in house as well as long distance leaving me with strategies and skill sets different than others. I’ve been a part of huge events and the technology it takes for communication, implementation, and smooth outcomes. I’ve been a volunteer on boards for over 30 years and have always been able to bring solutions and resources to help the table.”

Debbie Prediger Empowerment Leader and Strategist specializing in empowering world-changers, thought-leaders, visionaries, and healers to realize their highest path and calling.

Debbie is an international best-selling author, speaker, workshop, program and course creator, Host emcee, moderator for in-person and virtual events, and leadership mastermind strategist, and mentor. In 2022 she became a Wellness Expert Leader And Senior Partner with The Wellness Universe as well as a co-founder of a membership community created for empowered leaders to show up empowering others on their entrepreneurial journey, We Empower World.

Follow your Joy to discover your Purpose and Divine Calling

My gift and my calling is to empower these world leaders to live life fully expressed and accepting all parts of themselves. Holistic well-being is physically, mentally, and emotionally aligned and in its true essence. Releasing old limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, and stagnant energy held in their physical bodies. To have the freedom to decide, declare and go after the life they desire, both personally and business-wise.

In order to answer their purpose-driven calling and step into the person they were designed to be, they must identify who they are. It all starts with a simple question.  “Who am I?” “Why am I here?”  Once they have clarity around this simple question, they will live their life on purpose, for a purpose with passion, and integrity, aligned in harmony, courage, and certain of the work they are here to do.

Licensed Practical Nurse
Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner
A+ Computer Technician
Digital product solutions certification

49 Years business experience

45 years health care and wellness experience


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