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SE #41: What Would Love Do Now?

10 May 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Have you ever spent time examining your choices? How many of your choices do you make consciously—with full awareness of all the options and possible consequences? How many of your choices—conscious or otherwise—are driven by the pleasure-pain principle?

One of the biggest challenges in our world today is the predominance of collective ego-mind, and the enormous pressure most of us feel to conform to what we believe society wants from us. We seem to abdicate our sovereignty in order to avoid making waves or upsetting the apple-cart—because we generally don’t like the disapproval of others. So, we avoid this pain by choosing options that may not serve us very well, and probably don’t bode well for the rest of society either. That’s because most of these decisions are driven by fear.

But the question we seek to ask is: how would the world change if we allowed our choices to be driven by love instead of fear? What if we made mantra of a very simple question: What Would Love Do Now?

Modern society encourages us to ignore the heart and rely on the mind. But as we’ve all experienced, society isn’t really doing all that well! Contrary to what the physical world would have us believe, when we rely more on our hearts (and souls), we open up all kinds of possibilities. And there is much to be gained by balancing mind and heart, rather than favoring one over the other.

The heart is joyful, loving, and creative—the wise, high-vibration gateway to the Soul. When we trust the wisdom of the heart, then the rational mind can support us from a place of love rather than operating from fear.

In this Soul Empowerment episode, the panel explores the way of the heart. We will be considering questions like:
• How do we journey from the mind to our heart so that we can live with intention and authenticity?
• What does self-responsible communication look like, and how do we express our thoughts and feelings lovingly?
• How do we make decisions from love rather than fear?
• How do we create more love within ourselves?
• How can we experience more love around us?
• What’s possible when we ask the simple question, “What would love do now?”

Using visualization and energy techniques, we’ll also experience an exercise to relax and reconnect with our heart and receive its loving frequency and messages.

Join us for the live discussion and experience as we express our Authentic Selves with Honesty, Intention, Acceptance, Trust and Universal Love.

Let us remember that our heart is our connection to our Soul. It always speaks the Truth and will never misguide us. Feel the answer to the question “What would Love do Now?” and encourage your mind to have the courage and conviction of your heart for the next best step.

About the Team:
Scott Holmes: Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist, RYSE Practitioner, Theta Healer Practitioner, and Author who empowers clients to transform and grow through multiple modalities of light, deep touch, sound, intention and crystals. www.RScottHolmes.com

Sara Jane: Reiki & Vocal Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner. Having worked on herself and healed her own early years trauma and hurt, Sara now supports clients, from her own experiences, to heal their own trauma and live a more fulfilling and happy life. www.VocalReiki.com

Gayle Nowak: Visibility Coach who shifts world-changing healers, lightworkers and New Earth leaders from outdated patterns into new possibilities. She weaves multiple modalities to guide clients and audiences into their truest expression so they can honor and carry out their soul mission. www.GayleNowak.com