How does the full moon energy help you heal?

The first full moon of the year is today, January 17th. This full moon is known as the “Wolf Moon”. It is a time for introspection and transformation.

Many perform rituals during each full moon. Doing so provides an opportunity to release that which does not serve you and call in that which aligns with your goals and soul’s purpose.

The full moon energy provides space for deep healing. For some, the fullness of the moon feels like a divine opening.

Making healing part of your life’s journey is important to be in awareness and authenticity. It helps to create openings through which you can live with ease and flow.

To support you in your healing journey, I am offering a course beginning in February. During our time together, we will travel through the 12 portals of Sacred Haven and explore how they help you release blocked energy and step into abundance and joy. You will learn about the gifts you possess and how they support deep soulful healing, intuition strengthening and guidance, and embodied action.

I invite you to sign up for the VIP Waitlist HERE.

You can also reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any requests, feedback, or would like to contact me directly.

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