Free Marketing Through Challenging Times.

It is no secret that in the last 2-3 months, lives have been turned

upside down, and businesses are left to wonder what’s next.

Below are some marketing tips that cost nothing to help leverage

your message.

• Video’s – Informal videos help you to stay in touch and are

essential for leveraging your business, keeping you top of mind.

Keeping a personal connection with others helps them to know

you and your business. Use your iPhone, Zoom conferencing,

or do a Facebook live to create great videos and post on

Linked-in, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure to tag

your clients and potential clients to allow them to learn more

about you and your business.

• Tell Your Business Story – Telling your story allows people into

your world. It shows them who you are and why you do what

you do. We are all looking for connections right now, when you

can do it through storytelling, it draws people in, making you


• Email Marketing – Your email list is a great way to stay in

contact, but be careful not to be too pushy; you don’t want to

lose them. At the beginning of the month, create 6-8 emails

and have them sprinkled throughout the month. Make your

marketing person and don’t ignore the elephant in the room.

Talk about whatever the challenge is at the time.

• Webinars and Zoom Meetings – Contact your clients and

potential clients to invite them to participate. Timely,

motivational, inspiring, and educational content informs them

and tells them what you are up to so that when times are

better, they will remember what you are doing and may want

to be a part of it.

• Ask for Referrals – People that are referred to you, become your

best customers. Now is an excellent time to tap into your

customer’s goodwill. They are many ways you can ask, pick up

the phone, send a video, and email or ask them to get on a

Zoom call with you to see how they are doing and then ask

them. Word of mouth is your best form of advertising, and it’s

always great if the person referring can give you an

introduction. Another great way to get a referral is to create a

relationship with the referee by showing them how much you

appreciate the referral by offering trade or a monetary value

for those referrals who choose to work with you.

• Telephone Marketing – Although this seems to be a foreign

concept these days, it remains a highly successful way to stay in

contact with your customers. Call and check in on them; I

mean, how many people that you give money to, personally

give you a call to see how you are doing? It makes a difference.

• Websites, Blogs, Magazines, and Interviews – This is a great

time to get relevant information out in your blog on the current

pandemic today. Find a magazine editor or look for people

who are willing to interview you and pitch them on a relevant

topic. Think of topics you are an authority in, how can you help

others in an authentic and trustworthy way?

• Social Media – During these trying times, social media

engagements are up by 70% in Facebook alone. Putting

relevant content out there has a better chance of being seen.

Oversaturate with content, memes and articles will increase

your likes and follows. I recommend posting every hour from 7-

7. They don’t have to be all your content, share others as well

but let them know you are sharing theirs; they may be inclined

to help share yours as well.

Getting clear on your marketing efforts will help you to come out

of this pandemic better and more reliable than before. You don’t

have to spend money to be great at marketing; you just have to

spend the time doing it.

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