We Seek Leadership During Uncertain Times

We are wired to seek leadership when times are frightening or uncertain.  This is especially true of children; they look to us for information and how to react, what actions to take, and even how to feel or think about situations.  Given that we are all under a great strain during this viral outbreak, and often sheltering in place with disrupted schedules and lives, now is the time to learn better solutions for navigating these times, especially for our youngest and most vulnerable.

Little did my colleague Deborah Miller, PhD and I know when we began writing this handbook that it would be released at the very moment it was needed.  And here we are: our children need us to know and model better during these times.  They need to learn everyday strategies for handling their range of feelings, understandable confusion and need to feel safe.  Our resource guide is full of easy to learn, use and remember strategies for creating rapid calm, fast tools for self-regulation and fosters a rapid return to resourceful states.  This is how we create resilience, a developed awareness and capability for weathering challenges.

We’re hopeful you will check it out (Amazon link below), and find it practical, relevant, useful and worthy of sharing with your family, community, school, hospitals, pediatric clinics, shelters and disaster response units, and all manner of childcare or fostercare  centers.  Although we wrote it for teaching children, it features 3 useful sections anyone can use:  Help Yourself, Help Others and How to Teach Others to Help.

Please join us on this mission to help children worldwide, feel better fast and prevent memories from being encoded as traumatic in these difficult and uncertain times.  Together, we can make a huge difference in this historical and stressful time.

Thank you.  – Jondi Whitis. MTOT, NYC


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