If we are blessed, there is a moment in our life where we realize that we are more than our individual selves. We come to a realization that there is more than family, more than friends. There is a community of humans gathered around the world to which we are spiritually connected. During moments of great devastation, we as humans come together to protest and fight for what we consider moral injustices. Humanity is an ingenious concept in that it allows the majority to dictate to the minority. But, who designated those protesting as the moral authority over those others? Those who react in the flesh shall never see the spirit.

I was informed by someone that there was no oppression or injustice in this world simply because the life or the perception of life for that person was simple and harmonious. I listened without protestation, not because I agreed, but because for that one moment, I truly saw an opposing view, spiritually and mentally. I was enlightened at the thought process being expounded upon me. But, I struggled with the validity of it all because of my own life experience, knowledge of history, and present experiences.

I know there is oppression, strife, injustice, and bias within this world. It cannot be rationalized away or ignored. My natural instinct was to separate from this person completely, to be mentally and emotionally detached from someone who could not conceive thoughts or ideas beyond the touch of a hand; and yet, as one who realizes I am more than my individual self, I found myself going backwards to understand and accept what I considered a narrow viewpoint. As a member of humanity, I felt obligated to keep peace and as one in tuned with my spirit, I believed it to be the conversation of one stuck on a lower spiritual plane of existence.

Once I realized that this person was still in the individual mode of spirit and self, I knew that I could not disconnect from the segment of humanity that presented itself before me. I was being given an opportunity to learn more about a population that had eluded me in my present life experience. Those persons existing in this realm are not evil or bad people. They simply have yet to experience or see beyond what is presented to them. They are not deep thinkers or spiritual ones, at least, not yet. They are growing as we all are, multi-leveled and at their own pace. If empathy and sympathy for the harsh reality of others living on this world is not yet apparent, who am I to destroy this ideal world created on the value of id? I am no one.

I have only the ability to show my beliefs and express them in a productive manner. Admittedly, there are times when I have not been as good at this as I wished to be. I have felt the pressure to intervene or manipulate the course of events as a member of humanity. But, I truly abhor interfering with what I believe is the spiritual path of another. Therefore, as much as I love the feeling of being more than my individual self and feeling the connection with others, I believe the concept at times impedes upon true spiritual growth as we must react in the flesh when human issues are involved.

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