Life Revised

On this new road to spiritual enlightenment, Reiki has found me and those close to me. Energy healing has been the best thing that has happened in my life. I have always had a healing ability, but I never knew how to hone it this well. When I open and close my eyes, there is nothing but Reiki and healing around me. I have truly integrated this amazing energy in my very being and soul. Wherever, I go, I see it, hear it, and speak it. There is nothing but opportunities to heal and be better in all aspects. My desire, and I control this in my sessions, is to have the person build a strong spirit and to release the pain and hesitation to be honest about who he or she is supposed to be. I would never want to supplicate anyone’s spirit or control a person’s life. We should all walk in the woods and choose the way out on our own with minimum guidance.

I am only a channel, an instrument, for Reiki. I may connect with a person and feel their blockage or even hear a message that is specific to that person, but it is not me healing. It is the energy. Most times, I do not even know what the message means for the person, but so far, my client knows and understands. That is what is most important for me in this regard. I learned in the beginning of my Reiki training that I do not have to know the meaning of everything. I just need to relay the message appropriately and accurately. I am a helper and I love doing that for others. I enjoy assisting in the relief of stress, anxiety, pain, and increasing spiritual well being and happiness with self. We all need to heal our egos and move to our truth within our deepest core. Reiki does this knowingly and beautifully.

Without violating any of my client’s confidentiality, I have been blessed by the Universe to have experienced so many wonderful and diverse healing sessions. I requested to the Universe that I be allowed to experience all forms of healing with Reiki and the Universe brought the people to me. There have been clients with physical injuries, emotional blockages, terminal illnesses, and one actually in transition to become a Reiki Practitioner days after attunement. For each client, the experience is and was extremely unique and sometimes unsettling in the best way.

The most recent client had just been attuned, as previously mentioned. Whenever I gave him Reiki, I could sense a difference from our prior sessions before his attunement. There was a wall of energy around him and I received a message that I was to stop because he was undergoing a healing by the Reiki – a type of “under construction” message. I stopped immediately. When I tried again a few days later at his request, I experienced a tingling, burning sensation in my hands above his crown chakra so strong my hands vibrated and felt as if tiny flames encircled them. Again, I stopped immediately as my own Reiki began to decrease the pain in my hands. No matter what occurs, for me it is a symbiotic relationship in which I help them with Reiki and they teach me how to be better and stronger with my Reiki integration. I love what I do and I feel it with my very soul each time a client smiles or cries with release in a session or after a session. Yes, the healing can be so intense that people have cried in the release of blockages and pain even days later. This energy healing continues to grow more intense with each use, whether I am performing self healing or working with others or using Reiki for a general work/life issue.

I have had dreams in the past of various teachers and masters training and teaching me to differentiate between what is real and what is false and to help guide others to safety. In the dreams, each of my teachers showed me something spiritually relevant and was instructed by a higher up to teach me everything, as one was told, “She must know everything, all of it.” I truly believe this was one of the many premonitions of what is occurring in my life now. What I was taught above, has finally come into this physical realm. As such, I am not hesitating to absorb all that the Universe is showing me and has shown me. When people say we are light workers and we have chosen a side, it is absolutely true. There is a spiritual battle in progress and everyone is choosing sides, consciously and unconsciously. Reiki purifies the physical channel using it and all around that channel. There is no darkness in Reiki, only light and peace that not only alters, but revises the life of all those open to experience it.

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