Inner me

I focus on my spirit self and fleshly life. I believe in God and the universe as one. I know that nature speaks to us all and if we sit still long enough, she graces us with a caress. My spirit has always been attracted to nature and her creatures. I thought as a child, I could communicate with all animals. I realize that is not necessarily true. It is not communication as I would with a human. It is just that I felt the spirit, the energy of the living creature and I appreciated its existence.

I am a believer in the philosophy that everyone and everything is connected. I am a believer in people striving to do the best without hurting others. I acknowledge that there is both light and dark forces in this world. I understand that each individual is on his or her own journey and no outside individual can alter the path of another without that person’s permission. Reiki teaches us to accept what is and have no judgment on others.

I am a person who always desires to improve my own spiritual essence and remain happy. I am curious about all facets of human nature, no matter the level. I expect nothing from this world and am appreciative of all given freely. From my training, I know that there are occurrences that happen and if I am given no explanation, then that is okay. What is meant for me is meant for me and that includes all things.

Practicing Reiki and thereby helping others has made me realize a deeper part of life that is not capable of being felt with the physical body, but affects us all nonetheless. My sessions have brought relaxation, amazement, tears, and sometimes doubt from others. Through this all, I have only become more confident in this universal energy, this Holy Fire Spirit that flows though me and all of us.

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