There has been much debate in history about which is greater-the destroyer or the creator. Our very existence has come down to religious and philosophical beliefs regarding both. Understand that we in our own life are the creators and destroyers of our own world, our own universe. When our behavior stems from selfish intent with a harmful outcome to others, we have become the destroyer. It is such behavior that births an equal reaction that more than nought is synonymous with the negative energy expounded. We become locked in a cyclical battle to overcome and subdue the other in whatever manner we originally desired. However, when our behavior stems from an altruistic nature, we bring a sense of harmony, intellectualism, and serenity to others that exemplifies creation at its peak.

Take something as simple as the societal rules of dating. Most women are taught that in order to “catch” a man, that man must be manipulated, lied to, and tricked into being in a relationship. The man, being aware of this selfish intent, is forever finding ways to avoid being “caught” while still holding on to obtain the prize he so desires from the woman, usually intimate in nature. And how does he do this? By behaving in the same manner as he expects from the woman, manipulation, lies, and trickery. This leads to a temporary state of elation if both are successful in their goal, but eventually there is destruction of the inner self and a growth of negative energy that takes root deep within the soul. How can two people truly trust each other if both began their intent with dishonesty? It can be argued that we all are selfish by nature, ergo, the saying man is inherently evil. But, I do not believe being selfish in and of itself is wrong. It is the actions used to acquire that selfish intent that shows the destructive nature of a person. If your actions lead to harm of another, whether it be nominal or grand, you are a destroyer. And if you are a destroyer in one area, it stands to reason that you destroy in other areas of life. Some results may be visible to the natural eye and some will not be seen except on a spiritual level.

Now think of how to be a creator. Let’s again take the dating example. The woman disregards the norms of luring a man and decides she will present her true self, not the false representative that eventually destroys. She tells the man what she wants exactly from him, what she has to offer, and what is acceptable for her. He in turn may be shocked at the behavior, but will do the same or not. Do not be discouraged if the reaction is not what is desired. We all selfishly want an outcome that will be advantageous to our own self. Know that it is not the other person’s behavior that is important, it is yours. With true words and actions, you have created an environment where there is safety, honesty, and companionship. If it is accepted, then you have gained more than a potential life partner. Whether the relationship lasts physically, again, matters not. It is the spiritual connection, the gaining of a soulmate who understands you more than any other that matters. To be able to continue in a relationship without physical confines is the creation of paradise in this material world.

So, now, take this analogy and apply it to every relationship you have — family, friend, lover, associate, stranger. Separate the manner in which you relate to each one and choose words and behaviors that create, not destroy. Physically, a body continues until it is sick or withers away. Yet, the spirit is eternal in such that is will remember always the emotions, the words, the actions suffered or enjoyed from another. If we truly live again and again until we have learned all we must learn, then let us always strive for creation of peace, happiness, tranquility, evolution, and connection. Some would say that suffering is part of the learning process and that we must learn endurance in order to be molded into a better self and ascend. I agree that every experience is meant to construct a better you. I also understand that just as there are those who walk in the light, there are those who walk in the dark — both by choice, the creators and destroyers intermingling upon Earth.

I acknowledge that personally, I have been both at different times in my life. My core being is to create, to support, and to help others. I am most at peace when I bring calmness and happiness to my fellow man. Yet, there is a part of me raging inside that wants to conquer and destroy simply because it can, selfish reasons. I do not allow that side to control me. I regulate it at all times and when it leaks out, as we humans are weak in this regard, I temper it with solitude, meditation, and prayer, for I know that my spirit and soul creates, even if my flesh seeks destruction

We are forever fighting that eternal battle of being a destroyer or creator. It is natural for us as humans and the reason why the debate shall never falter, whether it plays out in a social, political, or religious manner. We all are destroyer, creator, or both.

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