As it grows, so do I

The more I integrate Reiki energy in my life the stronger it becomes in my healing sessions. I am finding that it truly affects all parts of a person’s being. Yes, it helps in the healing process with clearance, but also clears spaces you would never believe. I have experienced the removal of old wounds, emotional and otherwise, being lifted from my body. I have had pain stop within a few hours and I am even finding out that when I drink wine or beer, reiki turns on and begins clearing out the effects. I am not even joking about this, trust me. With all that I have to say It is such a liberating experience to feel a lightness when I wake in the morning and it just amplifies throughout the entire work day. It is as if the real me, my authentic self, has been released and I love it!

I won’t say there are not challenges, but for sure I am able to handle them like I never did before. It seems that all the tragedy, pain, and struggling I experienced early in life had been to prepare me for this moment in time. I can handle not just a person’s emotional trauma, but spiritual trauma as well. If someone approached me at work or in my private life with hostility or negativity, it is like I am in a dream or watching a movie. I no linger see the person, just the energy-confused and weakened. If allowed, I offer healing to help, I don’t engage, not anymore.

I asked the Higher Power to teach me everything and it brought all of it to me immediately. I recently asked to experience a spiritual cleansing with reiki and within a few days, I helped someone do just that. It took about two hours, but it was a profoundly moving experience for me and for that person. There is a lot of work for that person to do, but both of us received confirmation that the energy was working and my spirit guides were present to assist in something so sacred and private. We both had a sensory experience wherein there was a strong aroma of sweetness, like flowers in the air, that gave a sense of peace that there will be relief coming in the near future. Hopefully, we will continue the process this month.

Since I meditate and reiki every day, I am continually having experiences and truly learning this energy completely. What I would like to eventually do is to conduct seminars and take reiki to unorthodox places that want and need a peaceful and clean space. It is begging to help as many people as my physical shell can possibly handle. This energy does not even need to be called upon by me anymore, it just turns on as soon as any blockage or negativity comes near me or inside me. I have to remain in good thoughts, good actions, and if I do not, it turns on to remove those negative thoughts or emotions immediately. It also appears that no matter where I go, my space is cleared.

My understanding is that Reiki never harms, so any negative space that gets cleared is done in such a positive way that there could only be joy and happiness in the result. I am so amazed and humbled by what has been given to me and even if people don’t believe or think it is too “out there” for them, that is okay for me. Where there is light, darkness abounds. But, eventually we will all come to understand how it feels when our eyes are truly opened to the world without flesh. 

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