Dive In To Life ~ May this message inspire your summer!

As I typed “Dive in to Life” onto this making-a-splash image, I couldn’t see what I was typing because the font was set to 4pt. When I enlarged it, I saw I had typed “Divine to Life” … mistake or synchronicity? Seeing “dive in” within the word “divine” brought that answer!

Another Truth hidden in plain sight! The energy urging us to embrace life is always present, calling us. The choice is ours of whether we hear that call or even take the time to listen. There’s never been a better time to shed fear, guilt, remorse, blame, self-consciousness and DIVE IN to life!

One of the messages shared by Source/Spirit/God in the most-recent Strawberry MoonSight group healing and activation was that each new day is a fresh start, a do-over when we allow ourselves compassion and living in the Present! Please visit HealingResonanceBoston on facebook to see a graphic of this message posted on June 19, 2019.

Take a moment to assess what’s holding you back from diving into life, your Divine Life. Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change. If you want to accelerate your process of releasing what no longer serves you and our Highest Good, let’s engage in a private session. I also offer a catalog of on-demand audio sessions for single engagement or download in the Kore HealingSM section of my site!

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Love and Light,

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