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If you are seeking wellness help during this challenging time, please check our WU Best Help to support your total wellness, offering free and reduced rates.


The Wellness Universe Best Help logoPrivate healing, emotional processing, spiritual guidance sessions by phone/internet worldwide.  On-demand Kore HealingSM clearing/balancing/soothing sessions offered as MP3 downloads, available 24/7.  If you’re confused about what to book, please call or text me at 207-216-0473. Packages offer lowest session rates and accelerated healing, clearing, empowerment. (If you are feeling insecure based upon world goings on, I recommend the “Foundations of Love” Root Chakra audio session for immediate relife.)

Unsure what’s blocking your joy & happiness? Feeling stuck? Need clarity in business Or in LIFE? Is chronic physical pain or emotional distress running you? Is there a better version of you just beyond your reach? Need Higher-Self clarity? Spiritual guidance? Relationship healing?

I am here to help others heal their physical bodies, calm their minds, lift their spirits, and release that which no longer serves! I help others reconnect with more joy and wellness as well as live with more Presence. I have released dis-ease from mySelf and others in connection with Divine Higher Love and Light. I offer that Healing Resonance to you.

Kristi Borst PhD Intro Video for The Wellness Universe

We are more than our bodies … there’s more than meets the eye, the MRI and the “why can’t I”! My integrative, “natural healing” abilities address not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and auric bodies. My unique Perspective Reboot® process assists my clients in getting back to center, balance, calm, and helps reset the body’s natural healing program.

I offer sessions by appointment (single, couples, families, groups) in southern Maine and via voice and heart-based connectivity, worldwide. Time and space do not diminish the results of these healing, activation, and spiritual guidance sessions. Half hour readings are also offered for your clarity, intuitive information and guidance concerning a life challenge, relationship problem or the basis for a physical pain/dis-ease. I will share new perspectives and tips for your Self Mastery, expansion, activation, empowerment.

The subtle realms, aura, chakras, superconscious, and old looping 8-track tapes 🙂 are where I excel. I work with all ages, but am particularly adept at helping client heal childhood traumas, spiritual disconnect, and resetting the body’s amazing abilities at self-healing. I also offer post-operative or post injury sessions for pain-relief and healing acceleration.

Please visit my site for more information. You have to select me before I can help you!

My Perspective Reboot® with Kristi Borst podcast is available on all major podcast players and here on my site.

My articles on The Wellness Universe are here:

Awards and Affiliations

• Natural-born spiritual healing facilitator working in various layers of Self ... past/present/future ... physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
• Change Agent (alchemist) in your physical and non-physical BEing and consciousness (chakras, aura, karma, ancestral burdens, life challenges)
• Spiritual medical emotional intuitive and happiness wellness guide
• PhD in Metaphysics
• Certified Reiki Master
• Oneness Blessing Giver, The Golden Age
• Minister of Universal Source Energy Love Light, providing hands-on healing and distance healing
• Registered Behavioral Therapist
• Artist/creator of Energy-In-Form Healing Art (featured on profile cover image and shown behind me on my profile pic)
• Uplifting messenger via My Blog, social media and personal appearances

Causes and Organizations

As we heal one, we heal the ONE because we are all connected and integral in this life. I help others leap forward to new levels of Joy and Wellness. Call on me! Love and light, Kristi

Certifications and Credentials

Intuitive Medical/Emotional Healer
Founder of Perspective Reboot® Integrative Healing
Multi-dimensional Spiritual Guide
Reiki Master
Ordained Minister
PhD in Metaphysics
Higher Self Channel
Root-wound sleuth
Quantum alchemist for joy and wellness
Inner child healing and empowerment specialist

Kristi Borst

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