A Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotions Approach to Understanding Autoimmune Dis-Ease

Within our bodies, there is an interplay of mind-spirit-emotions that impacts the physical body. Illness is not “all in our heads,” but our thoughts and emotions DO affect our bodies.

Just as the house is preceded by the owner’s desires, a design, blueprints and physical construction (manifestation), we are each a work in progress. Love and light are the true building blocks of life, yet many of us have eliminated this component from our internal construction set.

We imagine we are hopeless, not good enough, too this or that, and that masks our greatness. We turn away from love, but don’t recognize our stance. It’s a viscious cycle that convinces us further that Love doesn’t exist. We don’t see it within ourSelves!

Turn to the left or right or, better yet, see the perfection born in each of us. Feel it stir in your body, waiting for you to see beyond the mirage, illusion, “old story”.

Take a nice deep breath. Be free. Feel embraced. Love is everywhere. As you notice the way you’re facing, you discover there are directions, channels, perspectives that lead to better wellness & joy. When you look at challenge, Love is always there at the core of All That Is!

Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change

All is well. All is forgiven. Forgive yourself, as you would forgive others; and as you forgive others, you forgive yourself!

May these words and this Wellness Universe inspired-blog help you see the exit sign(s) that been there, “hidden in plain view”. Much love, Kristi


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