SUPER SATURDAY returns!  (Sat, March 10th, 9am Eastern). 

A few weeks ago `I had the pleasure of participating in the launch of Super Saturday LIVE!, presented by Transformation TV.   I’m delighted to announce I’ll be back again for the new season, which kicks off this Saturday, March 10th at 10 am Eastern on Facebook Live.  Join host Patrick Dahdal and five transformational teachers for a morning packed with wisdom, enlightenment (and plenty of fun :).  

xo Zahra

The Transformational Teachers being interviewed are as follows:

14:30 UK – 9:30am EST

“The Money Vibe ” with Jackie Woodside

In Money Vibe best-selling author Jackie Woodside you will learn to create the truest form of financial freedom available – never having to worry about money whether you have any or not!

Learn more here about Jackie:


15:00 UK 10am EST

“Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be?” with Jena Harris

Best-Selling Author Jena Harris shares 3 Shift~Align~Transform Techniques© to help you step into your highest purpose

Learn more about Jena here:


15:30 UK 10:30am EST

Ann Skinner – The Art of Contribution

Best-Selling author Ann Skinner talks about the five components that create the magic of our existence and help us to live a more meaningful life.

Learn more about Ann here:


16:00 UK 11:00 EST

Rhonda Cimorelli – Life Directions

Best Selling author Rhonda Cimorelli reveals the 5 Steps For Living Life Without Guilt Or Regret. This is a thought provoking, self-reflective show. It will guide you effortlessly through life, no matter your age.

Learn more about Rhonda here:


16:30 UK 11:30 EST

What Is Stopping Me? – Rachael Sparks

Best-Selling Author Rachael Sparks reveals why you are not doing what you know you need to do to live your best life…

Learn more about Rachael here:

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