What’s behind the facade?

Every so often we are delivered some news which interrupts our daily lives and thoughts – taking us outside our own world for a while, maybe even concentrating our mind on some ‘higher’ ideals?       

Recently, I was reminded of such an event that happened in late 2014, the suicide of Robin Williams, someone I thought of as quite a remarkable and talented person. His suicide seemed such a mystery! There were the usual thoughts, “what a waste”, “how could someone that has so much” etc., all based on my own lack of understanding of him and his life. 

Great talent and fame is accompanied by public exposure, with inherent pressures that us ‘mere mortals’ cannot begin to understand – to then try and understand how such lives and opportunities can be given up is beyond us also. It’s easy to get the impression that the public face is who they really are, that we know the people behind the facade – but of course we do not. Such deaths therefore, may shock us momentarily but we quickly forget, most of us somewhat detached and unaffected by what is, after all, a news item.

Maybe we should look a little deeper.

So we will have our jaw-dropping moment, are sad for ‘our’ loss and continue with our lives in much the same way as before – it doesn’t really affect us right? Well, maybe it should, maybe it gives us an opportunity to look deeper at some aspects of ourselves and the people that surround us every day and pay us and them a little more attention – we don’t know, really, what is going on inside their heads!

Ok – not everyone is contemplating such drastic action as suicide, but there are varying degrees of angst and distress which can lead to some pretty drastic feelings and who knows what actions? One man’s stress could be another’s Armageddon?

The inner voice with power!

Many of us fight a constant battle with our inner voice and its one that we can often lose. The way that we communicate with ourself is of paramount important and affects the outcome of our daily lives! Our ‘Self Talk’, left unguarded, can drive even the most level minded of people to think and act with increasing levels of negativity, which can be incredibly destructive and debilitating. Happily, most of us dont’ have to suffer such extremities of thought, at least not regularly, but imagine losing this battle daily and having to deal with a constant barrage of negative thoughts and internal discussions – at best we would feel miserable, unconfident and worthless – at worst, well maybe suicidal?

Controlling that inner voice, our self talk, must be our priority goal, the foundation of our possibilities. Not only to ward off negative and destructive thoughts, but to ‘flip the coin’ and ensure happiness and success in whatever we determine as our particular criteria of that success.

Just being aware can give control

So whilst I am deeply upset by the death of one of our greatest talents, my thoughts are equally with the untold millions that are fighting their own inner demons and how the more fortunate among us can help them overcome them before they build into an overwhelming force with possible disastrous consequences!

Quite often the ‘cure’ is simply an awareness that this inner voice and it’s propensity for negative power exists, followed by the desire to change its viewpoint. In other words, never allow it to convince us that we can’t, that it’s too difficult or that we are unlucky or unworthy – win these arguments and we are on our way to our success in love, life and business.

I love to help build this awareness for anyone that would like help to do so – please just let me know?  

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